Student breaks down after realising she left sarcastic title on top of essay


A student didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after submitting an essay to be marked – only to realise she had left a glaring error on the top of every page.

In a video that quickly went viral on TikTok, the student is shown in tears of panic on her bedroom floor as her friend films and adds the caption: “My roommate submitted her mid-term paper without changing the title.”

As she begins to break down, she asks her friend if it’s possible to resubmit the work and the camera pans to her laptop screen.

It zooms in on her essay to show the student had forgotten to change the sarcastic title she had labelled the work with when she began, and the top of every page was headed: “Stupid f***ing paper that has no meaning.”

Her panic turns into inaudible high pitched screaming as her friend tries to hide her laughter, and the clip has racked up more than five million views.

A follow up video shows the email the student wrote to her teacher “with tears in my eyes”, which said: “This morning I turned in my mid-term synthesis paper and I thought I had double checked everything.

“After I turned it in I realised the title is not appropriate and not what I wanted it to be. I am very sorry and understand that it is not appropriate.

“It was a rough draft and I tend to do this on my papers to help me get started. I am attaching the correct document. Once again, I am so sorry.”

Thankfully, the professor agreed to clear her submission and allowed her to upload a new version of the work.

Viewers were left in hysterics, as one advised: “Don’t change it! Paper titles are suppose to draw the reader in. This is perfect.”

A second said: “Catchy tite. It makes your paper stand out.”

Another simply added: “I’M ACTUALLY CRYING LMFAOOO.”