Uber uses algorithm to cut ties with workers, drivers claim in Amsterdam lawsuit


Uber lets its algorithms determine which drivers to cut ties with, three British and a Portuguese driver claim in a lawsuit filed in Amsterdam on Monday. The drivers state that this is against British and European privacy laws, which state that drastic decisions like dismissals must be made by a person and must not be an automated process that depends on the outcome of an algorithm, NOS reports.

Uber denies that its algorithms automatically decide which drivers should be removed from the platform. But according to the drivers, the ride hailing platform fails to provide the “meaningful human intervention” that is required in this type of decision.

According to the drivers, they were kicked off the platform after the Uber algorithms said they were guilty of “fraudulent activities”. They deny committing fraud and say that Uber has too vague a definition for ‘fraud’. According to them, drivers are accused of fraud if they refuse a ride or log out at strategic times to wait for higher prices.

This is the second lawsuit against Uber filed in Amsterdam in a short period. In July, two British drivers sued the ride-hailing company for more transparency on its algorithms and what influence they have on which rides are assigned to which driver.

These lawsuits are filed in the Netherlands, because Uber’s European headquarters are based in Amsterdam.