Doctor steps in after influencer claims ‘bump’ at bottom of tummy is uterus


A post which claims the ‘bump’ at the bottom of a woman’s stomach is their womb has garnered a lot of attention on social media.

Shared on Instagram by, a nutritionist named Colleen, who has more than 155,000 followers, the post features an image of a sign that reads: “FYI that bump at the bottom of your stomach is your uterus.”

Alongside the picture, she wrote: “Hands up if this just blew your mind!

“A girlfriend posted this in the SociEATy recently and I realized that there is SO many people who don’t realize this!

“Our stomachs? They shouldn’t necessarily be flat! That’s your uterus (and fat and other organs obvi like intentioned, stomach, etc., let’s not get too into anatomy here. Simply saying our tummies and pelvis house V important things) down there!”

She went on to explain that she had struggled with body image in the past, “staring in the mirror” feeling “frustrated” that her stomach wasn’t flat.

“What was that bump and why wouldn’t it go in?! Welp, the answer is part of that bumps is organs. And we need those. So, that bump? It SHOULD be there and it isn’t wrong.”

Many people were quick to praise her for sharing the post, calling it “great” and agreeing with her statements.

However a doctor soon stepped in to inform her she wasn’t actually being “medically accurate”.

Dr Joshua Wolrich, an NHS surgical doctor, commented on the post, saying: “Fat is 100 percent normal, but saying the bump is your uterus just simply isn’t medically accurate.”

A screenshot of Colleen’s post was later shared on Twitter by comedian Sofie Hagen, where others also took issue with her comments.

One person replied: “Weird, I had a hysterectomy last year, still got a ‘bump’, maybe it’s something else guys.”

Another said: “I mean internal organs do take up space in your body… But like… How about we just be ok with the weight our bodies carry.”

A similar incident occurred last year after a tweet about the ‘bump’ being a uterus also went viral.

In response, Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and clinical director of explained what the “bump” actually is.

She said: “Unless you’re pregnant or have a condition called fibroids, which are non-cancerous growths in the muscle lining your womb, you can’t feel your uterus in your tummy.

“It’s usually only 3-4 inches long and is tucked away inside your pelvis, behind your pelvic bone.

“When you get pregnant, the womb grows enough to be felt above your pelvic bone by the time you’re about 12 weeks’ pregnant.

“Fibroids will cause the womb to enlarge, but they vary enormously in size.

“Many women have one or even several small fibroids and their womb is still not big enough to be felt above the pelvic bone at the bottom of your tummy.

“However, in extreme cases, fibroids can cause your womb to enlarge as much as the womb of a woman who is 6 months’ pregnant.”